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Our journey started when we initiated a collaboration with Henric from the distillery Spirit of Hven on the configuration of their large distiller. With his vast experience and medal awarding spirits, he became an indispensable partner.
A 350L column still device was then ordered and took 5 months to arrive. In the meantime, we started with a small American distilling apparatus, developed by the Stillz family in the southern part of the United States. There, the family has built distillation apparatus for many generations and annually only produces a limited number.

The first Gin
It took us many months to arrive at the final recipe. We produce our gins with an ideology of using ingredients from geographical areas that ensure the highest quality in our products—a quality that can only be found in areas where there has been a tradition for many years of producing the ingredients. In addition to the botanicals, we have worked with different mineral water types and the base spirit itself. In order to find the right components, we have worked scientifically as well as historically. Historically, four of the ingredients in our Kalas would be categorized as so-called "classic botanicals". In addition, we have used chamomile, which is considered a bit atypical. A spectroscopic analysis of our gin has helped to ensure that we are at the border limit of how much taste can be applied. In other words, it is close to physically impossible to cram more flavor into a bottle than we have done.

Ginfluencers about Kalas

Nice smooth taste no burning effect…

It’s a very simple clean and well balanced gin without so much bullshit.

The taste is nice and clean it certainly meets all my expectations for a good gin…

Danish a very good Danish gin…

A taste of Kalas is like walking in our garden and picking up a lot of different flavours, patterns and colors.

The silver medal a light nose and classic palate with notes of juniper, cardamom, and chamomile. A balanced palate, culminating in a long, spiced finish.

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