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Private label

About our solution

A private label product caters to many different segments. It may be the entrepreneurs whom, on a smaller budget, would like to test their recipes before starting to invest in their own production capacities. It may be the local grocer who is looking to differentiate himself in his product range. It could be a restaurant chain that wants to give its customers an extraordinary experience, based on strong authentic storytelling, or something completely different. Common for all are the opportunities that arise when you, in collaboration with us, introduce a finished concept to the market.


    Three private label concept case studies

    During 2019, Destilleriet Als collaborated with everyone from large retailers to ambitious entrepreneurs and local network groups, today representing more than 20 different varieties of gin.

    Søren founded Atelier IX in 2018. The store oozes quality, and that quality was the starting point for this private label. Uncompromising personal commitment has been key in developing a gin to match Søren’s ambitions. Read more here

    Karsten from Brugsen for Als and Sundeved (Bals) contacted us at the beginning of June 2019. Today, his gins are available in 5 different variants, all based on the local area around Als and Sundeved.

    Kokholm Spirits is a true family business. Four sisters and their mother finally realized their dream of developing their own spirit brand.