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  • Established 2018
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The History

The Famous Seed
The seed that would eventually grow to become a distillery was sown in Huholt, a little village with a modest number of grapevines yielding some wine every year. Well, not every year. One summer the wine didn’t turn out as expected. The quality simply wasn’t there, not even for a single bottle. However, the wine was not to be wasted, as it contained a significant amount of alcohol that could easily be distilled and put in barrels. That’s exactly what an inventive son decided to do and later gift his father for his 60th birthday. From the very moment the neat golden drops were tasted, there was broad agreement that the outcome was honorable. It was an outcome that laid the foundation for what we today know as Als Distillery – a name that for some is synonymous with solid craftsmanship, passion and professional pride.



From First Batch To First Price
A seed like the one sown in Huholt obviously doesn’t just germinate by itself from one day the to the next. A whole year passed from when the first batch of gin was distilled in 2014 until Als Distillery for the first time received international recognition. However, the international prizes and the wide range of different bottles of gin aside, Als Distillery, in its own opinion, received its hitherto greatest tribute in 2018: The Sønderborg Entrepreneurship Prize. The award is, among other things, an appreciation of initiatives that contributes to Sønderborg – the place where the entire circle of owners was born and raised.  


The Future of Als Distillery
The distillery's first series borrows its name from an old Danish word meaning “large amount of something good” and is intended to be just that. Whether in the meticulous process of tracking the maturation of the gin and whiskey or when serving enchanting cocktails and traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches, the so-called smørrebrød, Als Distillery always strives to create a large and lavish festivity. 

Snart vil de festlige ringe i vandet sprede sig restaurenten Karikatur i Sønderborg, hvor der både vil blive budt på smørrebrød i verdensklasse, cocktails og sjusser for enhver smag, men ikke mindst den gode historie.

Ginfluencers about Kalas

Nice smooth taste no burning effect…

It’s a very simple clean and well balanced gin without so much bullshit.

The taste is nice and clean it certainly meets all my expectations for a good gin…

Danish a very good Danish gin…

A taste of Kalas is like walking in our garden and picking up a lot of different flavours, patterns and colors.

The silver medal a light nose and classic palate with notes of juniper, cardamom, and chamomile. A balanced palate, culminating in a long, spiced finish.